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How Do I Locate My Lost Android Phone

Do you have a plan in place for replacing your Android phone in the event you misplace it? Apple customers may use a function called “Find My” to locate a misplaced iPhone. This functionality wasn’t always there in Android, but it is today.

Cease fretting and prepare a monitoring system in advance. You can keep tabs on your phone in a number of different ways. Connected to a Wi-Fi network, you may expect an accurate position; otherwise, GPS and mobile networks can provide a rough notion. You’ll need a Google account to sign in and use any Google services, so create one before you begin.

Locating Your Your Phone With Google

Several Android phones include a built-in ‘Find My Device’ function that allows you to easily monitor your gadget’s whereabouts using the service’s interface. You may check the last known position of your phone from any computer or other phone.

You should realize that you need to activate the service before your phone is lost or stolen. If not, it seems unlikely that you’ll discover something similar. Get the IMEI and serial number of your phone as well. Dial *#06# from your phone’s keypad to view the unique IMEI number.

For those who aren’t aware with the term, “IMEI number” refers to a specific configuration of a unique identifier used to register cell phone towers. When you lose your phone and need to make a complaint, you’ll need this data.

Now you may set up your device with the help of your Google account by utilizing the in-built ‘Find My Device’ function. When you do the same, you’ll be able to track down your gadget whenever you like. Go to from your computer or another mobile device. Continue using the same Google account and finish the necessary verifications. These are your choices; pick one of the three:

Just tell it to “Play a sound” if the phone is close by on the map. Even if your smartphone is set to mute, this function will play the audio.

If you choose “Protect your device,” no one will be able to access the main menu. The function is helpful if you’ve never established a passcode or any other kind of protection.

If you’re sure you’ll never see your phone again, you may wipe its memory and make it unusable.

In particular, if you previously enabled ‘Find My Device,’ but are unable to do so now, this is likely because your phone is not now online.

Method of Finding Your Phone Around the Home Using a Smart Speaker

When your phone goes missing within the house, you can bet it has occurred to you more times than you can count. When you’re in a hurry and can’t find your Android, it’s frustrating. As a result, if you have a Google Home speaker, you can use it to access the same information.

It’s possible that the same Google account is used on both your phone and the speaker. You’ll also need to pair your Google account and voice using the Home app. If your phone is always on your home Wi-Fi network, tracking your whereabouts is a breeze.

If you say, “Hey Google, find my phone,” the search engine will immediately verify that you have located the correct device. Afterwards, it will activate the ringer, even if your phone is currently in silent mode.

You have the highest chance of recovering a lost device by using the “Find My Device” function already installed on most Android devices. But, there are many more options, such as the Life360 Family Locator, Prey Anti Theft, Where’s My Droid, and Lost Android, that you may use if you like.

A phone’s IMEI number should be blocked if you have reason to believe it is currently lost or stolen. Preventing the phone from being activated on a cellular network is a primary function. Next, it’s crucial to lodge a complaint and include the IMEI number. When you report a blacklisted website, the service provider it uses will be blacklisted as well.

In conclusion, it’s wise to activate your phone’s tracking capabilities. As a bonus, it may even return your misplaced gadget to you.

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