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10 Foods to Avoid at Night and What to Eat Instead

We’ve mentioned before, the most important meal of the day is breakfast, when we break the eight-plus hour fast we’ve put or bodies through overnight. But did you know that what we chose to eat in the evening can have an impact on our health, too?

Consuming the wrong food and drink for the last meal or snack of the day could mean that the length and quality of our sleep are both interrupted. The odd night of broken sleep means that we’re tired and unproductive the next day.

But a chronic lack of good quality sleep can have negative consequences for our ability to process information, make decisions and maintain relationships with our partners, family members and colleagues. It can cause us to make poor lifestyle choices and can even put us at a greater risk of having an accident or a heart attack. What we choose to eat in the evening could also cause us to gain weight as we sleep.

So here’s the foods to avoid in the hours before bedtime, and the ones to enjoy!

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